George Sharman

George Sharman playing the chamber organ from St Peter's Church Sandwich which dates from 1892. In 2016 it became part of the fabric of St John-the-Evangelist, KINGSDOWN-ON-SEA


George trained as a teacher at Westminster College, Oxford from 1964-1967 where he gained an Organ Scholarship with John Webster, the University Organist, at University College,Oxford.

 Fom 1967-69 he continued his organ studies with John Webster at Trinity College of Music in London.

He was organist of St. Peter's Church Sandwich from 1996 to 2016

The 'Heritage Organ' is a small single manual chamber organ with only 171 pipes. All these pipes came from the original larger instrument that was installed in the church in 1895 by a local Organ Builder called Charles Hobday. It is clear that this organ came from another building and the pipes date back to the early 19th century.

George recorded a 19 track CD of the instrument within the generous acoustics of the building. Copies are still available.

George Sharman
Hand-painted print of St.Peter's Church Sandwich drawn from North of the River Stour.

George Sharman - organist

George has  been Organist of St John-the-Evangelist Kingsdown since 1984.

Here the main Organ is a historical 2-manual mechanical action installed in the church in 1881 by the local Organ Builder F H Browne. From the time of its Inaugral recital it has been noted for its beautiful tone and the quality of its individual pipe ranks. The Great 'Open Diapason 8' creates a remarkable sound, and its guilded spotted metal pipes form the Display Rack at the front of the instrument.

It is clear that the organ was not origially built for this location and some of the pipework is much older. Its actual origins still remain something of a mystery and are constantly being investigated. 



THURSDAY 3rd NOVEMBER fom 14:00 to 15:00

THURDAY 1st DECEMBER from 14:00 to 15:00



run from MARCH to JULY












The Browne 1881 mechanical action Organ in St.John the Evangelist Kingsdown, near Deal. A chamber for an organ was provided in 1850 when the church was built.
St Peter's Sandwich with its distinctive tower and Dutch styled cupola. A hand-painted print made by George Sharman

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Milka Cook | Reply 10.12.2013 18.44

One of our most talented friends, he composed some of the music at wedding - I can still hear the music in my head...

Tina Barton | Reply 12.08.2013 11.53

I like this page as well, very interesting

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10.12 | 18:44

One of our most talented friends, he composed some of the music at wedding - I can still hear the music in my head...

12.08 | 11:53

I like this page as well, very interesting

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